Services and prices

Affordable pricing for local and national deliveries


At Fastway, we provide a low cost and reliable courier distribution service throughout key regional and metropolitan locations across Australia from Cairns to Hobart and most places in between. This includes overnight delivery from Cairns to Mackay, two days to Brisbane and three days to Sydney.

We offer local (blue), shorthaul (lime) and national courier services with Casual, Standard and Frequent rate plans to match your volume (the more you spend, the more you save). We also have national flat rate parcels and satchels available with our $1,500 limited liability cover (provided at no extra cost).

Our customers enjoy

  • Up to $1,500* limited liability coverage at no extra cost
  • No ongoing hidden fees or charges (such as fuel levies)
  • Full tracking on your parcel online 24/7
  • Timetabled service
  • Simple self-service, prepaid system
  • Additional discounts including Authority To Leave (ATL) service
  • Customised pricing

View a full courier pricing schedule, these rates are applicable for Fastway customers only

View full rates from Cairns

Parcel delivery

Mackay (overnight)
South East Queensland (two days)



(incl GST)

Local parcel delivery

11.00AM pick-up / PM delivery
4.00PM pick-up / AM delivery



(incl GST)

National satchels

A5, A4, A3, A2
satchels up to 5kg



(incl GST)

*Conditions apply, prices quoted assume the purchase of prepaid label booklets in minimum quantities.