The benefits of aligning your retail business with a cost-effective courier service


Aligning your business with a cost-effective and reliable courier solution can have many benefits for your business and its operations. Whether you are a multinational organisation shipping multiple packages a day, or a smaller home-based business shipping 2-3 deliveries a week, we have a courier solution that suits your needs and those of your customer.

At Fastway WA, we provide a low cost, reliable, local, short haul and national courier distribution service. We believe that getting your product from your business headquarters to your customer’s front door shouldn’t be complicated, so we offer a simple service that ensures transparency for you and your customer.

Partnering with Fastway WA can ensure your businesses quality is evident through the entire purchasing process and delivery. The benefits of partnering with a courier team are endless, and we have detailed a few of the advances we feel makes the Fastway WA Couriers difference.


Parcel tracking ensures you have the up-to-date knowledge that your parcel is in safe hands and on route to its delivery location. You can view progress at each checkpoint the parcel is scanned by the Fastway team and receive confirmation of delivery allowing you to communicate effectively with your customer.

Parcel connect is a send, collect or return service that provides you with the flexibility to send, collect or return parcels when it suits you and your customer. We understand that as a business owner 9 to 5 isn’t always the best solution. The courier you align with needs to match your business priorities and lifestyle.

Prepaid Courier Labels let you enjoy savings on your usual freight costs while enjoying a simple system with no hidden fees, charges or additional paperwork. Your prepaid courier labels prints delivery address labels and calculates the appropriate label required to reach its destination. The option to link to your accounting systems and picking lines are also available with thorough reporting included.

API functionality is essential for today’s modern online business. In a digital world, e-commerce websites need to provide a smooth customer experience to generate sales and ensure repeat custom. Fastway’s API functionality allows you to integrate a freight calculator into your website to return key information including the cost and delivery timeframe, providing customers with accurate shipping information at the time of their online purchase.

KPI delivery measures allow you to track the performance of your deliveries quickly and effectively. This facility provides analysis on delivery status and time helping you keep your business tracking to target.


Partner with a courier solution that is an extension of your business. Allow Fastway’s technology solutions to meet your modern-day business needs.

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